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Discounts and Services at Walnut Towers at Frick Park

The Walnut Capital Advantage

A Walnut Capital apartment or townhome is so much more than just an address. It’s an expression of your lifestyle, and that’s why our properties offer unique amenities and features and backed by round the clock service and our commitment to an exceptional customer experience.

Living with Walnut Capital has its perks! Not only do we strive to make sure our apartments are your happy place, we also want to make your experience in Pittsburgh the best it can be. Through our Walnut Perks program we have teamed up with several companies to build a relationship with them and our 3,000+ tenants all over the city through exclusive discounts and specials! This means savings for you at some of the best dining, shopping, art, and entertainment options our neighborhoods have to offer.

Some of our partners in Squirrel Hill are...

ColdStone Creamery
15% off total bill
Healhty Ride
FREE Standard Monthly Membership
The Frick
10% off new members at the individual level or above
Pittsburgh JCC
10% off membership, discounted initiation fee and free one-on-one fitness consultation
Modern Dog
15% off Doggie Daycare Services

... and many more savings all over the city! View the full list of perks here!


At Walnut Capital, we thrive on our partnerships with businesses and universities all over Pittsburgh. Our relationships with the surrounding community are important to us, and our Partnered Employers program is our way of giving back after all of the continued support! If you are a U.S. military personnel or work any Walnut Capital partnered employer, you receive premiere benefits, including:

  • $200 security deposits
  • No application fees
  • Discounted parking
  • Gift card to a Bakery Square shop when you rent on your first appointment
Partnered Employers

... and more! Be sure to mention your workplace to your leasing agent to receive discounts!

Don't see your workplace on the list? Provide a contact from your company's HR department and we'll reach out to begin the partnership!

Looking to earn free rent? Participate in our exclusive Refer a Friend Program! When one of your friends move into a Walnut Capital Management property, you earn a rent credit. The more friends you bring to live with us, the more credit you get!

Get $500 in rent credit when you live at and refer someone to:

Refer a Friend

When you live at and refer a friend to any other Walnut Capital property, you get $200 in rent credit!

Even better? After three referrals, you will also receive a $50 gift card to any Bakery Square restaurant or retailer of your choice!

*Offer is only valid on new rentals who sign a 12-month lease. You must be a current resident at a Walnut Capital property at the time the referral is approved.

We understand getting around in the city can be tough. Let us take care of that with our complimentary Walnut Capital shuttle! Exclusively for tenants of properties managed by Walnut Capital Management, the shuttle is available Monday through Friday with stops throughout the city’s best neighborhoods! The shuttle can be tracked through the Double Mapp app

Morning Pick Up Times

Walnut Towers - 7070 Forward Avenue 6:30 AM 7:35 AM 8:45 AM
Walnut on the Park - 5326 Pocusset Street 6:35 AM 7:47 AM 8:50 AM
Wightman and Hempstead 6:37 AM 7:49 AM 8:52 AM
Hobart Court - 5557 Hobart Street 6:40 AM 7:51  AM 8:54 AM
CMU Stop - Scaife Hall 6:42 AM 7:54 AM 8:57 AM
CMU Stop - Tech & Frew 6:43 AM 7:55 AM 8:58 AM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 6:48 AM 7:58 AM 9:00 AM
Bakery Living & Bakery Square - 6480 Living 7:00 AM 8:10 AM 9:15  AM
Walnut on Highland - 121 S. Highland Ave 7:05 AM 8:15 AM 9:20 AM
Forbes Ave & Morewood Ave 7:15 AM 8:25 AM 9:30 AM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 7:20 AM 8:30 AM 9:40 AM

Afternoon Pick Up Times

Squirrel Hill Properties PM PM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 3:30 PM 5:05 PM
CMU Stop - Scaife Hall 3:32 PM 5:07 PM
CMU Stop - Tech & Frew 3:34 PM 5:09 PM
Hobart Court - 5557 Hobart Street 3:40 PM 5:15 PM
Wightman and Hempstead 3:42 PM 5:16 PM
Walnut on the Park - 5326 Pocusset Street 3:44 PM 5:17 PM
Walnut Towers - 7070 Forward Avenue 3:50 PM 5:23 PM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 4:05 PM 5:40 PM
Bakery Living & Shadyside PM PM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 4:10 PM 5:40 PM
Bakery Living & Bakery Square - 6480 Living Place 4:25 PM 5:55 PM
Walnut on Highland - 121 S. Highland Ave 4:28 PM 5:58 PM
Elmer Street - 5616 Elmer Street 4:37 PM 6:07 PM
Forbes Ave & Morewood Ave 4:43 PM 6:13 PM
Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall 5:00 PM 6:30 PM*

*Last stop at Hillman Library - Wesley Posvar Hall at 6:30PM is drop off only.

Stops will be made only at designated pick up/drop off locations. There may be a ten-minute wait from the listed time until actual service. Individuals may be denied service if they are not carrying valid Ids. Must be 18 years or older to ride the shuttle, unless accompanied by an adult. Change in routes and schedules may be made to improve or add to our services. We will try to post any changes well in advance so that our riders can prepare for them. For additional information on Shuttle transportation, or to register a comment please call Walnut Capital Management at 412-683-3809 or you may email us at [email protected]